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LRWG Northern Illinois Workshops

Guild April Workshop: 


LRWG SPRING 2023 WORKSHOP - April 10, 11, and 12th. 2023 in Antioch (exact location to be announced).
More details to come soon, but if you'd like to reserve your place...

Questions?  Carol can help!

Guild Workshops:


The guild sponsors workshops with professional artists from all over the country which are opened to its members. A partial list includes Catherine Wilson-Smith, John Salminen, Nancy Fortunato, Ratindra Das, David R. Becker, Tom Lynch, Nancy Newcomb, Bridget Auston, Bill Doughty, Susan Farlan, Jeanne Dobie, Tom Trausch, John Dioszegi, Tom Francesconi, Carol Duvall, Don Andrews, Joe Garcia, Lian Quan Zhen and many more.

Sign-up for the workshops at the meetings each month


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